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Covenant Partners
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I believe there is a "Window of Opportunity" for us to pull together as a family, because the Gospel is worth fighting for. When we look at our churches today, we are apart of the fight, because the task of carrying out the great commission of spreading the gospel throughout all the land has been placed on us. If we are going to turn our communities, churches and this country back to the day of "Good Moral" soundness, we must begin to cut covenant one with another and that is why Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International needs your support as never before.

Our Covenant Partnership program has been designed to allow individuals to participate in the continued growth and development of the Fellowship. Partnership will allow the members of the Fellowship and general Covenant Partner member to be a blessing to our International ministry by alleviating the financial burden off of any one member in the Fellowship as we continue with Missions, the Daily Operation of our Tiers of Leadership, churches and members of the local churches, the community and Corporate Businesses.

This "Window of Opportunity" will allow our Covenant Partners to be Spiritual fighters on the frontlines of the gospel. God will get the glory through your prayers and financial support. You will not be just fighters, but one of the Fellowship's "Hidden Heroes" that God will allow to be blessed as the Fellowship continues to carry out the work of the Lord.

Covenant Partners Responsibilities

  • Pray for the Fellowship on a daily basis
  • Support with your monthly / yearly contributions
  • Pray for the Presiding Bishop and the Tiers of Leadership
  • Support Local Fellowship engagements in your area
  • Support the International Conference
  • Responsibility of the Fellowship

What Your Contribution Does . . .

  • Help care for daily operations of the International Headquarters Office and Staff, so that we will have the materials, equipment and resources to operate on a day-to-day basis.
  • Help to acquire and accrue a savings so that investments and profits can be used to further the efforts and Vision of the Fellowship.
  • Aiding of domestic and foreign missions that mandate assistance with the building of the Body of Christ by planting seeds from Covenant Partners for the stamina, sustenance, and support and distressed churches around the country.
  • Help with the acquiring of real estate which will improve the assets and financial position of the Fellowship, by allowing us to have bargaining power for development of real estate and special projects done internationally.
  • Pray for our Partners.
  • Mail monthly and quarterly correspondence.
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